Oct 30 2012

Apple-Android war takes to the job market

The Apple-Android smartphone battle is fast making its way from courtroom to the interview room. Data from recruitment portal Recruit.net shows that when hiring application developers, more employers now favour candidates with Android programming experience over those specialising in Apple’s iOS platform.

The term “Android” which refers to Google’s mobile operating system appears in 14,733 of the global job listings, while “iPhone” and “iOS” mentions trail sharply behind at 8,847 and 11,264 respectively.

The pattern speaks to the increasing number of smartphone and tablet users opting for Android which has been made popular by products from Google, Samsung and Amazon over arch rival Apple and their iOS platform which runs on iPad’s and iPhone’s

A Gartner survey conducted earlier this year found that Android devices now account for 56 per cent of smartphone market share globally, with iOS devices attributing for just 23 per cent.

Data from Recruit.net’s Job Index (see below) meanwhile point to a widening disparity between mentions of the platforms in job listings.


Demand gap between Android and iOS developers continues to widen.